Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What a WONDERFUL Surprise!!

Ok - - because I've only been blogging a short time (less than a month), I've not taken the time (yet) to let you know all about me or all of my, hmmmm - shall I call it 'craziness', or 'addictions' or... how about hobbies???   Well........... I'm still not sure what to call it - maybe you have a better word??

Anyway - one of the things I love to do is work with my Cricut.  I love having the personal cutting machine - it's so handy for so many different projects.  My hubs got me the cricut for my birthday in October, 2009.  Throughout 2010 I acquired 13 cartridges - then I purchased SCAL (Sure Cuts A Lot).  Needless to say, I won't be buying anymore cartridges!!  (I have a very strong opinion regarding Provo Craft, and that's a whole 'nother blog!!)

I love making cards!  I love working with vinyl!!!  I usually get my vinyl from our local sign/graphics shop.  Tim's a GREAT guy and will let me come in and pick out a couple of colors.  I usually only get a foot or two at a time.  He won't let me pay for it either.  So I'll leave him a five and tell him to go get some lunch!  :-)

Now here's the purpose of this posting - -   :-)

Tim called me this morning and told me they were 'Spring Cleaning' and that he had a trash bag full of scraps.  He wanted to know if I wanted them..........  DUH!!!   So I just went and picked it all up!  OMG - - I'm sooo excited!!!  Look at what all was in the bag!!!

Yes, that's a piece of camo vinyl!!  I'm thinking I can use the Pink vinyl for a project to donate to the Relay for Life in April.  Maybe some subway art on a tile??  THAT would be cute!!  Talk about getting the creative juices flowing!!!!

Any great surprises for you today??

Have a great one!!  Hugs ~~ Suz

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