Saturday, January 15, 2011

Quiet Week

Hi, Everyone!   I'm sorry I've been so quiet this week!!  I haven't gotten a chance to create anything since Sunday and that makes me sad....  But - - if you consider going through boxes of junk and getting rid of stuff and doing laundry and cleaning house being creative - - then WOW!!  I HAVE been creative!!!

I'm going to post a couple of my favorite projects I found this week that ya'll did!!  Thanks so much for sharing!!!  LOVE IT!!

Tracie at Cleverly Inspired redid her stairs and they look so FAB!!  Go see the whole project here!!   I love the chocolate and white!!

I love this chandalier redo!!  Beth at The Stories of A to Z tells all about it here!!  I showed it to my husband and since Beth mentioned Craigslist - - he went hunting for me and found all kinds of fixtures that would work with this.....  but they were kind of pricey.  I'm going to hold out for a cheap or free one!!  Keep your fingers crossed!  (plus - - I don't think my craft room can hold too many more supplies for projects I've found in blogland!!)  (I think I've always had a thing for mason jars....  I have PLENTY on hand to do a few of these!!  Who knew - - Mason Jars.  Not JUST for canning!!)

I love this!!

I have also found that I love what everyone is doing with old wooden pallets!!  Here's what 4 Growing Boys did with her pallet!  I <3 this!!  Check it out here!!

And here's what Donna at Funky Junk Interiors did with her old pallet.  Here is her post!  WOW!!  I wish my brain worked like her's!!!

Those are my fave's for the week.  If you found some cool upcycles for wooden pallets, please share!!  I'd love to see them!

Have a GREAT Saturday!!  Are you doing anything fun??

Hugs ~~ Suz


  1. There is certainly a TON of inspiration out there and I'm honored to be among the things that inspired you this week! Blessings :).

  2. Thanks so much for sharing my coathooks. This is what I love about blogging. I get so many great ideas to had beauty and function to my home decor without breaking the bank. Gotta love it!

  3. And here we go again with another feature by you! Thanks so much! Glad you like my rustic treasures. :)



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