Sunday, January 9, 2011


I KNOW that Cancer Sucks.  I've lost enough important people in my life to one form or another of this horrible disease.   While it comes in different forms, the bottom line - Cancer.Sucks.Completely.

In highschool, my BFF's mom passed away right before Christmas, our senior year.  I don't know what 'kind' she had, just that it was in her liver and intestines and kidneys and, well, everywhere.  I didn't get to tell her goodbye or tell her how much I loved her. 

Within 2 weeks, my boyfriend (who is now my exhusband)'s grandpa passed away.  Bone Cancer.

Five years later his grandma passed away.  Started out as Breast Cancer - I guess they didn't catch it in time or didn't get it all with the mastectomy they performed.  Ended up with bone cancer that they found when she fell and broke her hip.

Four years later, my Aunt Doris passed away.  Cancer in her liver.  Five months later, my mom's BFF passed away from 2 inoperable brain tumors (only knew about them for 6 weeks).

Six years later, my brother Dave found out he had Multiple Myeloma (Cancer of mature stem cells).  I believe when they found it, he was stage 4.  He was 47 or 48 when they found it.  They only gave him 6 months.  He tried some experimental treatments and lived 4 1/2 years.  He passed 2/2/04

Two and a half months after Dave passed, when my Daddy was 75, he found out he had Multiple Myeloma.  Very Very Early stages.  The doctor told him he would die from old age before he would die from the cancer.  He passed away 4 years ago today at the age of 77.  He didn't die from cancer, he died from complications with pnemonia and from being in the hospital for a long time and not getting out of bed (his bones were weak and he had a tumor in his spine that grew and cut off the nerves so he lost his ability to walk.  My daddy loved me very much.  A week or so before he passed, I had a very good visit with him.  Oh, how I wish I could go back to that day.  A couple of days later, he coded.  The very last thing he ever said to me, when I asked him how he was feeling, was "like shit".  I miss him. so. much.

A year and a half later, my father-in-law passed.  Cancer.  He had battled a few different kinds.  It was so hard to go through that again so soon after daddy.  I miss my father-in-law, too.  I loved his sense of humor and miss that.  My hubby's sense of humor is close, and that's a good thing.

Two months later, hubby's grandma passed..... cancer again.  She put up a great fight!  What an inspiration.

So right now, I don't know of any family member that has cancer (KNOCK ON WOOD)!! 

Please don't wait until you find out that you or a family member has cancer to let them know how much you care.  Let them know EVERYDAY because you just don't know.....  

Thanks for letting me share.......  Hugs ~~ Suz

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  1. Cancer DEFINTELY sucks!!

    My mother passed away from breast cancer when I was 10 years old (my baby brother was only 2).

    Our dad passed away 12 years later from stomach cancer (a week before my baby brothers 15th birthday).

    And just last week we found out our step-mother (the only mother my baby brother even knows) has breast cancer! Luckily they found it super early, she's still just stage 0...she'll have surgery on Monday...and hopefully live a long life. But we aren't exactly a family who trusts cancer. :(

    I would love for them to find a cure before I get it (because I'm quite sure that's what I'll die from...if I'm not lucky enough to have a bus run over me first)!

    You are so right...tell the people you love daily...because life is never guaranteed.


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