Saturday, January 1, 2011

Taking Down Christmas

I have never really enjoyed New Years eve or day. I guess I have never really done something so absolutely amazing that I just couldn't wait for the next New Year holiday to do it all again. Plus it seems that I always ALWAYS spend New Years day taking Christmas decorations down. And that makes me sad.

But it will be a good day because our daughter is home and she's such a whiz at organization! (crafting - eh, not so much!) so I'm going to take as advantage of her organizingness and go through every Christmas decoration box and get rid of anything broken or no longer used. I'm also going to make up boxes for each of the kids and make sure they have their ornaments that are special to them.

Maybe if I start the new year out like this, there's a good chance if it continuing in an organized manner..... We can only hope!

Happy New Year!!

Hugs ~~Suz


  1. What a great plan. I am totally in the mood for organizing!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks for looking, Princess! I'm sad to say that we didn't get to organize the Christmas stuff. We got really busy tho, and I'm loving my house again!! We took down ALL of the decorations, then spent the day rearranging the living room, dusting EVERYTHING, moving/rearranging pictures, etc.... It's like my living room is totally brand new. Oh yeah - - my kitchen is like a brand new one, too! We cleaned out all the cabinets and wiped them all down! We got rid of a bunch of stuff that I have never used but kept (why do I do that??)... So wonderful to wake up and be greeted with all this organization!! I love my girl!!! Have a wonderful day!!!

    Hugs ~~ Suz


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