Monday, August 29, 2011

Rice Heating Bag

I needed a quick birthday present and wanted to make something this weekend.  I remembered I had bookmarked a tutorial on how to make Rice Heat Therapy Bags from Sew Mama Sew.  You can go to her tutorial here.

This is the material that I used for mine.  The tutorial uses velcro to close the outer case, but I used buttons, instead.

I used 2 different kinds of fabric for the trim.  I used 1/4" seams, pressed them, and top-stitched about an 1/8" from the seam. 

I {heart} the script fabric!!

(Starting out - - lining up the needle)

I just want to say that my new sewing machine is AWESOME!!!  It will even sew buttons on!!!  WTH??!!!  When they showed me at the store, I thought, I'll never use that!!  Well, I used it yesterday and it is CRAZY!! WOW!!!   Who knew???

(All done!!)

I also made my own labels for this project!  I'm not sure how long it will 'hold up' or how well it will wash, but it looks good now!!!

I taped a piece of scrap material to a piece of card stock and printed out what I wanted to say.  I experimented with different fonts.  This is Gigli, printed out 10 pt.   It went through the printer pretty well.  I've got a HP Deskjet D1520 printer.  I cut the material from the cardstock, and ironed it with a very hot iron.  I cut the labels, and then sewed one on.  I think it looks pretty good!!

The tutorial calls for 2 lbs of rice, which I figured to be about 5 cups.  This bag is a little smaller than what the tutorial made, so the inner bag is pretty full.  The next one I make won't be so full.  Mr. Inspiring said it's kind of hard.  I used Thieves oil in my rice.  (Young Living Oil - I used thieves A LOT.  I use it as an antiseptic - - like on those nasty zits I get every once in a while.  I also use peppermint oil.  I love peppermint oil!!  It's great for sore muscles or an upset tummy.  Those are my favorite oils!!)

Here are a couple others I made.  The one with plaid is the birthday present I needed and the other is going to go in a basket for the silent auction at the Breast Cancer Awareness dinner. 

(Made with leftover dropcloth fabric and an old shirt!)

A friend of mine is having a booth in a craft show at the end of October.  I figure I'll make a few of these for her booth - and use up a bunch of my scraps!  The rice was $2.98 for a 5 lb bag, and Walmart carries a 20 lb bag, too.  A relatively inexpensive project.  My friend is donating what she makes with her booth to Backstoppers, an organization for the families of police officers, that helps out with the bills if the officer is hurt or killed.  She's also donating a portion to the March of Dimes.  How much do you think I could sell one of these for?

Thanks for stopping by!!  Please let me know if you have any questions!!

Hugs ~~ Suz

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  1. Great job. I need one of these. Thanks for the link to the tutorial.

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I was just thinking that this would make fantastic Christmas gifts. Even with my sewing-challenged skills, I think I can follow these directions.

  3. My sister made some of these (she used flax seed instead of rice and they weren't nearly as cute as yours) She sold them to her coworkers for $10 each.
    I am planning on making small ones (a little smaller than a deck of cards) to put in my pockets to walk to the school bus with the kids. You could make a set with 2 hand warmers and 1 large and sell it for around $15 or so.

  4. Great idea Suz..I can think of something else you could use with this fabric wise..cough cough lol

  5. Thanks for sharing! Your tutorial has been featured on this week's top 10 newsletter. You can view the newsletter here. Keep up the great work!


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