Saturday, September 10, 2011

I PAINTED My Bathtub - Sneak Peek!!

Good Morning, Everyone - -

I was lurking around Blogville this morning and realized that I've not posted anything for almost 2 weeks!  SO sorry about that!!  This time of year is very busy around this house!   Last weekend, which was Labor Day Weekend, was also my grandson's 2nd birthday!!  OHHH MY!!  I never knew I could fall in love so hard for such a little guy!!  He has my heart wrapped around his little finger, and it gets tighter every time he says "Luh-Doo"  (love you!!).  He's talking up a storm and it's just too stinkin cute!!

Ms. C's birthday was yesterday.  She turned 24!!  How the heck did THAT happen??  I'm STILL 24!!!  ha ha ha!!  I love that girl!!  I wish I had half of her organizational skills!!  I just don't get organization!!  LOL

Tomorrow is a day of celebration.  Celebration for the lives of the courageous people that have lost their lives since 2001 fighting for our country.  Tomorrow is also my wedding anniversary with Mr. Inspiring....  Eight years...........  it sure doesn't seem like it.  He's a great guy and I'm soo lucky to have him in my life!!

On top of all of this, I am finishing up my Breast Cancer Quilt.  If I don't have the binding on it by tomorrow evening, it will be done Monday evening.  I have really enjoyed working on this quilt and am soo happy I decided to hand quilt it myself instead of paying someone to machine quilt it.  It will be raffled off (anyone want to buy tickets???  ha ha!!) and I hope that the person that wins it appreciates every stitch and understands why I made it.  CANCER.SUCKS.

I NEED to post pictures of my bathroom update/makeover, but I don't have my shower curtain finished because I've been working on the quilt.........  I'm planning on having the shower curtain finished and up this week....  Mr. Inspiring loves the bathroom, as does everyone who knows what it looked like before.  Since the update, it's like it's someone else's bathroom - ->  it's THAT different!!

I will show you this.  The bathtub, as I stated before, was BLUE.  Like 1970's blue and really hard to find anything that matched or blended.........

I painted it.  YES I DID!!  I painted my bathtub!!  I taped it off and primed it.  And then I PAINTED MY BATHTUB....   Well, part of it anyway.  I just wasn't sure how the paint would hold up actually IN the tub, so I didn't paint that part.......  I painted the outside and part of the walls.......... 

I used everyone's favorite "Heirloom White" but could only find it in the satin finish.  I wasn't sure how that would work going on the very glossy tub, but it stuck on to it with the primer, and I sprayed GLOSSY clear sealer on it.  It's not glossy like it was, but I like it!!!

This is just a sneak peek of the project.  Mr. Inspiring thought I was nuts when I showed it to him, but.... it HAD to be done!!!  It's been 2 weeks and Baby B has taken baths in it and has thrown toys and been silly and nothing has scratched.....  We've all taken daily showers, and it's awesome!!! 

More to come..........  soon!!

Have a great weekend!!

Hugs ~~ Suz

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  1. I never would have thought of using paint. I'm not sure what the tub refinishers use. I hope it holds up.

    Susan and Bentley


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