Thursday, August 11, 2011

I WON!!! Thank you, Madame Samm!!

I've been following Freda at The Adventurs of the Empress of the Universe, and we've been visiting the Wantobe Quilter event over at Sew WE Quilt with Madame Samm.........  Madame Samm is giving away wonderful gifts EVERYDAY!!! 

So this morning, I was making my daily visit and I saw this picture:

And I seriously thought "Wow - - look - - Someone else's name is Suz....."

Then I saw Missouri and thought ,"HMM  I wonder where in Missouri??"

Then I saw Freda's name!! 

(ok - I admit - I spend A LOT of money on hair color, and YES, it IS blonde - - for an apparent reason!!!)

I was soo excited!  I checked my email, and I found an email, first, from Freda - - she was all up - doing the HAPPY DANCE!! 

Then I saw my email from Madame Samm, asking me to send her my address!  Well you can bet I did that right away, and I sent her my phone number.  Within a couple of minutes, my phone rang and the number displayed was not a number I recognized!  Can you believe it??? Madame Samm called me!!!

She is the sweetest thing!  And smart!!  And I'll tell you, from what she was telling me about the Wantobe Quilter, it's even bigger than I thought!!  Whew - it's a wonder she gets to sleep at all!!!

Look at what I won!!!

Look at all the wonderful goodies stuffed into that basket!!  Madame Samm told me that the sponsors have been soo generous!! 

I am honored, Madame Samm!  Thank you for the prize and thank you so much for the call!!

I popped over to her personal blog because she told me that she had pictures up of the CA-UTEST fabric called 'Ghastlies'.    She's using it to make a cover for her sewing machine.   It's SEW cute!!

Thank you, again, Madame Samm!  Freda - I hope you enjoy your fabric - it's gorgeous!!

Thank you Colonial Needle and Famore Cutlery!!

Hugs ~~ Suz

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