Sunday, August 7, 2011

Progress! Progress! Progress!

I'm just too stinkin excited!!  I have finished my quilt top!!  FINISHED!  I've never said that about a quilt top before!!  Here are some pictures!!

Ok - - so this is the picture BEFORE I put on the border.  I was just *tickled pink* at this point!  Yes, the pun was very intended!!

I worked on this ALL.FLIPPIN.DAY yesterday.  Yesterday morning, I had 25 of the 9-patch blocks.  At 5 pm I had this!! 

I went and had dinner with Mr. Inspiring.  He's a police officer and had to work at our local community picnic.  We ate dinner at the picnic.  (chicken n dumplins, kettle beef, dressing, green beans, fried chicken, fruit salad and home made dessert!!) 

When we got home, Mr. Inspiring helped me decide which fabric to use for the border.  (He kinda knows about things like - - his mom has quilted for years!!)  We decided on the dark pink of the little squares and WOW - - I {heart} this quilt!!

Here are the pictures!

(Whew!!  Made it through inspection!!)

I started working on the back - - I didn't have enough of the fabric that I want to use for the back, so I'm piecing it.  I worked on it too late last night, and some of my corners aren't matched up like they should be so - - I'll be working on redoing that this afternoon.....  Then, I'll be ready to make my sandwich and get to quilting it.  I decided I'd try to hand quilt it - - I've got 8 weeks to get it done.... so I should be able to make a pretty good go at it.  If I get in a bind, I'll call my MIL and pathetically ask for help!!

Have a great Sunday, everyone!!!

Hugs ~~ Suz

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  1. This is BEAUTIFUL! I love it. You can just see the time, effort, and love you put in. hmmm, makes me wonder about making a blue one for one of my boys.....

  2. Suz, this is just as cute as can be! I love it. Thanks for visiting me over at Yards and Yards. I'll definitely be checking in here and there!!

  3. Congrats on the finish! It's REALLY pretty!! The darker pink border makes your little sashing squares just pop! I do most of my quilting by hand. Love it. = )

  4. Wow - your quilt is so, so beautiful!!! You've done a wonderful job with it! I know you are very proud, as you should be. And I love your inspector/assistant - I have one of those, too :) Thanks so much for sharing it with us.
    Love Laurie

  5. Congratulations on your first quilt top finish! Good luck on the hand quilting. :) I just love the cornerstones. Great job.

  6. Your cat likes to help too,huh? LOL!

    Quilt top #1 looks great! Congratulations!

  7. Great job! Your sashing looks really good!

  8. Thank you, everyone, for your kind comments! I have been hand quilting it for the last week, and I got my calculator out last night - I figure I am 34% done.... Not too bad, I don't think, for my first time AND I work full time and I went out of town this past weekend!! I really am enjoying hand-quilting. I feel like I am accomplishing something great!!

    Mr. Inspiring has got to be the sweetest guy ever. When I told him they were raffling the quilt, he said that he wished they would auction it. He'd make sure he won it and then I would always have my very first quilt! AWWW!!

    I really don't have a problem donating it to the Breast Cancer Awareness dinner. I figure if I can help out to raise money for research for breast cancer, then all cancer research can benefit, right??

    Have a great day!!

    Hugs ~~ Suz

  9. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I think this quilt is a great idea & very cute!! {And Mr. Inspiring's thought WAS very sweet!} :) Great job & good luck on finishing it! xo, Reannah

  10. Great finish on the quilt top! First quilts are so exciting ... and rewarding when it's all over. Keep up the good work.

    I'm hosting a fabric giveaway over at my blog - swing by if you get a chance:

    -Q @ JAQS

  11. Great job on first quilt top...I am a new quilter also...


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