Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fabric Basket Bag Thing-y

Ok, so you all know about the Breast Cancer Awareness Auction and Dinner coming up on October 4, right?  IF, by chance, you don't - you must be new!  Thank you for stopping by!!   This is the event that I made my quilt (See it here!  or  See It Finished Here!!)

Well, I also made a Rice Heat Therapy Bag out of the same material (See post about that here!) to donate to the dinner/auction.  I have a couple things that I purchased that I'm donating, too.  I was trying to figure out what to put it in, or to display it in.....  I came across a tutorial from Pink Penguin (see it here) and thought it was perfect!!

I didn't make it the same size she did, but I pretty much followed her directions.  My squares around the top are 4" x 4".  The middle/bottom canvas piece was 30 1/2" x 21" (or something like that - - I did this late last night and I was tired!!)

For the lining, since I didn't have any interfacing, I used warm n natural quilt batting.  The bag ended up being a little 'floppier' than I had planned, but it turned out pretty well.   The tutorial was very easy to follow and I'm happy with the results.

That cute little tag says:  handmade by suz '11   

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you have a GREAT weekend!  Mr. Inspiring and I are finishing up a HUGE remodel project - - I haven't really posted much about it because the project started like 2 years ago and we he finally got that last splurge of energy to get it DONE!!  (drywalling 3 bedrooms and a long hallway!!).  Today we are painting and priming and then tomorrow - time for the floors!!  I'll be doing the 'Paperbag Flooring' treatment!!  I WILL post pictures - - IF it turns out!! hahaha

Hugs ~~ Suz
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  1. Looks good! I have a quilt that I'm donating in a month and was thinking about adding something to it--this would be perfect.

  2. How pretty! It's a great way to make a gift bag they can reuse.


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