Sunday, September 18, 2011

First Christmas Project of 2011

I started my first Christmas project of 2011!!  Yay me!!

I bought 2 jelly rolls of the  Countdown to Christmas fabric!!  It's so cute!!

This is what Idid with my first jelly roll....  I made this quilt top!!

This quilt top was a lot of fun to make!!  And it is VERY easy!! 

Simply stitch the ends of each strip in the jelly roll together.   To make sure you get a good stagger in your quilt top, cut about a third off of your first strip and stitch it somewhere into the send half of the long strip you're making.  You will end up with one very long strip that is 2 1/2" x 1600".   Then, making sure you have no twists in your strips, fold the long strip in half and, starting with the unfolded end, stitch one side.  When you're almost to the fold, cut the long strip in half.  Finish sewing the side, picking up where you stopped to cut the strip.   You should have a piece that is approximately 4 1/2 inches x 800".

Then........... fold the strip in half again, and starting at the end without the fold, start stitching on one side.  When you are almost at the fold, stop and cut the fold and then finish stitching to the end.

Now you have a 8 1/2 x 400" piece.

Fold in half again, and starting at the end with out the fold, stitch one side.  When you are almost at the fold, stop and cut the fold and then finish stitching to the end.  Now your piece should be approximately 16 1/2" x 200".

Do this process one more time, and your piece should be approximatly 32 1/2" x 100"

and Finally - - do this process one more time......... this is the last time...........  Your piece should be approximiately 64 1/2 x 50"

I'm planning on stipling this quilt with my sewing machine........  but I need the free motion quilting/darning foot..........    My birthday is in 22 days.........  And I've put it on my list..........  And Mr. Inspiring took notes!!!

I think I want the red snowflake fabric for my backing, and I'll have to think about what I want to do for the binding...

9/20/11 - UPDATE!! Yesterday, while surfing the web, I found a blog that actually did this quilt at a sewing retreat back in Feburary.  What a neat idea!!  Please take a look at Heirloom Creations Blog and check it out.  I just didn't to 45 degree angles when I stitched my strips together.  I like that so I think next time I'll do that, too. 

Here's a picture of my strip quilt, not all bunched up!!!

Thank you so much for looking.  I'll post more pictures when I have it sandwiched all together!!

Have a great week!!

Hugs ~~ Suz

9/27/11 - UPDATE:   Quilt Story FEATURED me!!!  See the post here:  Quilt Story 9.27.11

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  1. Very pretty Suz! What a fun way to sew up a jelly roll...and so easy too! Happy almost-birthday and thanks for sharing the instructions!

  2. I think a black binding would be great!

  3. So cute!! Glad you are getting a head start... Thanks for joining the party! Kristen

  4. I did this quilt after seeing it on the site you mentioned. It was such a hoot. I think I got mine done in around 3 hours. Mine still needs to be quilted. I've already got fabric to do another.

  5. Nice job! I love this christmas fabric too!

  6. I love your Christmas Quilt! Thanks for sharing it.

  7. I found the Jelly Roll races quilt just last week and I so want to make one also. Yours looks wonderful!


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