Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Little Sneaky Peek!

Do you ever catch yourself in the middle of 3 projects that you are excited about and you just don't know which one to work on first?  So then you work on them all at the same time multi-task and............ then it takes even longer to get just one of them done?  Throw in the job, laundry, cooking, sleep, hubby, kids, fur-babies, etc etc etc.....  yeah.......  ya'll been there, I'm sure!!

Well I worked on one of my projects Saturday and I worked on another one last night. Here's a picture of each...........  Any guesses what I'm doing?  Hmm.....  what could it be??????

Sent a couple of pictures of the stars to my daughter and now she's confused!!  But that's OK - - it will all make sense when its done........ 

I hope you like my Tuesday Morning Teaser!!  Hopefully SOMETHING will get finished before the weekend - especially if we get that ice storm that's predicted for later today and tomorrow!!  I KNOW I can paint by candlelight!!!!

Happy Tuesday!!!

Hugs ~~ Suz

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