Monday, February 21, 2011

My Lamp Was Featured!!

Amanda over at Craft Gossip commented on my 'Another Lamp' post to let me know she picked it to be featured with 8 other lamps on her page. Here's a link to get you over to  I feel so honored to have had my little lamp chosen considering all of the talent I see every day.  I get my ideas and inspriation from all of you.  So, really - - we were ALL featured!!!

 I worked on 4 different projects yesterday.
1st:  Mr. Inspiring's grandma is in an assisted living home.  We have a picture of her and a picture of grandpa that we want to put on one of her walls.  So, I cut some vinyl to put in between the pictures.  (I'll post a picture after we put them up this evening - I can't wait!  It's gonna be so cute!!)

Ok - - Put Grandma Inspiring's wall together last night.  She sat on her bed and watched as me and Mr. Inspiring put it all together.  She LOVED it!!!  I'm so happy.  She was telling me how nice it looked and thanked me a few times for all the time I put into it.  (If she only knew how EASY the cricut and SCAL made it for me!!)  Here's a picture of the wall!!  (Taken with my phone......)

2nd: Grandma mentioned that she would like to have her name on her door.  Well, my SIL decorated her door for valentines day, and I think Grandma liked it - - no one else had a decorated door.  So I think that's where she came up with having her name on it.  Anyway - I had a poster frame (18" x 24") that I had used for anything and thought it would be perfect for this project.  It turned out cute (if you ignore the fact that I only have 12" x 12" paper!)!!  We're going to hang that this evening, too, so a picture of it will be coming soon!

Got her name sign on her door.  Grandma Inspiring was really happy with this, too.  She's so cute!!  I don't think anyone will have a problem finding her room!!  She thanked me for this a few times, too, and mentioned how much time it took me to make it for her.  (I used my cricut and SCAL for this one, too.) 

Since it was a poster frame, the black 'frame' is actually 4 pieces of plastic that kind of wrap around the edges.  They slide off and on pretty easily.  Well, I didn't want to have to worry about this falling apart or the 'frame' sliding, so I hot glued it in place to keep it all together.  The ribbon was just white cotton-ish ribbon I had laying around, so I stamped it with my "Live Laugh Love" stamp.  I didn't embellish it too much because with all the flowers on the background paper, I thought that it would be 'over done', and not be so easy for Grandma to read.  I think it turned out pretty cute. 

And just so's ya'll know - -  you CAN'T use dry erase markers on plexi-glass.  Found that out when I made Grandma's perpetual calendar.  You can see that here. 
3rd:  I stripped more paint off of my old window that I want to put up in my bedroom.  The old paint was chippy and I loved the look, but the paint was chipping off and since it's old, I figured the paint was probably heavy with lead...........  I figured it's better to be safe than sorry.  Plus, some of the wood is really REALLY dark - looks like it had been wet for a while - and I wanted to sand it a little to see what's up.  The paint stripped didn't get it ALL off, but the rest is NOT chipping or flaking.   
4th:  Mr. Inspiring brought in the door that I'm going to use for my headboard.  It was never painted and I believe the wood is a heavy pine of some sort.  Anyway - it was pretty dirty around where the knob goes and since it hadn't been painted, I figured if I just washed it, the wood would soak up the water and maybe stain it more.  I sanded it with some 150 grit paper and WOW - - it looks like a brand new door!  I can't wait to start layering my paint colors and work on distressing and aging it to make it look like an old door!!! 

Did I mention that I found this door on Craigslist?  The guy wanted $50 per door, and I ended up with 4 doors for $100!!  I think he thought I was nuts when I told him I wasn't going to hang them as doors.....

This is almost a brand new door!  Never painted or anything!!  The windows still have that protective plastic wrap on them - - on both sides!!  That will help when I'm painting!!!  WOO HOO!!
That's what I did yesterday!!  Have a great week, everyone!!  Stop by and say hi!! 
Hugs ~~ Suz



  1. What a deal on the doors...WOW! Can't wait to see what you do with them. THanks for joining me again this week. XO

  2. Congrats! Isn't it great when your hard work gets noticed a bit? :)


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