Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Perfect Timing!!

Late last week, a produce truck carrying pineapples and strawberries overturned on the on-ramp on the way into our town. No one was hurt, but apparently, when something like this happens, they can't just scoop their load up, transfer it to another truck, and deliver the goods. So while the fruit was all still good, it was just all going to be tossed.

The guy that runs the wrecker service salvaged the goods. One of our good friends was able to get a whole pick up bed full of strawberries. Then he was like Santa, delivering them all around town. And yes!! We made the list!! I ended up with 35 pounds. Yes POUNDS of fresh strawberries!!! OOHHHH YUM!!! I gave away 18 pounds. I cut the rest up and froze so I can make strawberry jam in a few weeks (My families FAV!!). While I was cleaning them, I picked out the prettiest berries.

And made Chocolate Covered Strawberries.

No Recipe (Super easy - - don't need one)
Not sure if I really even ate one before. But, it was Valentines weekend, so I gave it a whirl!

Oh My Gosh!!! Love them!!

Here are my pics....

All I did was melt some chocolate almond bark in a double-boiler.  Grabbed the strawberry by the stem and dunked it..........  Placed it on parchment paper to set.  Then I melted some white/vanilla almond bark in a zipper bag (just put it in boiling water).  When it was melted, I snipped a small corner off and just drizzled it over the chocolate part.  Soo stinkin easy!!

Perfect timing - - I was able to give a few of these babies out for Valentine's day!!  What a special treat!!

I also tried to make cake balls.  At the time of inspiration, I only had strawberry cake mix (wish I had chocolate....)  I think in my excitement for making them, I didn't let them set up in the frig as long as I should have.  It didn't affect the taste at all, but they just aren't as pretty as some I've seen you all do!!  But...

Like I said - - the taste was NOT affected!!  Now - -I just can't wait to try chocolate one!!!

I followed Bakerella's recipe and Jen at CraftOManiac..... Their's look a lot (A LOT) yummier!!!

Thanks for visiting!!  Have a great day!!

Hugs ~~ Suz

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