Monday, February 7, 2011

WOW!! I AM a Little Funky!!

I'm sure you are all aware by now that Funky Junk Interiors and Miss Mustard Seed are each hosting their own copy me challenge liky parties.  If you are not aware of this - - Where have you been???  :-)  Seriously, if you didn't know this, please check out Funky Junk Interiors copy me challenge linky party here!  And here is Miss Mustard Seeds's copy me challenge linky party.  There are sooo many super-cute ideas that everyone is coming up with.  While I was perusing Funky Junk, I came across this post from The Essense of Junk.  And that's how I realized that I AM JUNKY, too!!!  Girls, I am so excited!!  These two items I have in my home are here because of what they mean to me. 

First, this 30 gallon crock has been in our family for a long time.  My grandma used it when she did her canning.  Even when I was little, I thought it would be cool to make a table out of it.  So, after my daddy passed and I welcomed it home, my hubs helped me with a table top.  This is how it sits in my house today.  But it won't be like this for very long after seeing everyone's vignettes....... 

I really think I might want to distress the top a little..............  hhmmmmmm

Next, I have been using a couple of old wooden crates for an end table that I got from Daddy, as well.  These were used by my grandpa, when my daddy was a boy, to haul decoys and trapping equipment and fishing equipment.  Well, I couldn't just put them in the garage, now, could I??

Ooopppssss - my grandson knocked over one of my mason jars!!!  Little stinker!!  The frame in the top right corner is a shadow box that holds some of the fishing lures Daddy and his dad used.  I'm not sure who 'donated' the wooden paint bucket or the birdhouse, but I love them!!  I also have an old bowl on top with yarn in it and a lamp I made out of a mason jar.  To the left is an old crock - very unusual, and I'm not sure what it was used for. 

I will be revamping some of these displays as I pull my living room together.  I'll post more pictures then.  I just don't think it will be before this challenge is over and I want to submit what I have!!

Thanks for looking!! 

Hugs ~~ Suz


  1. Hi Suz!!~Welcome to blogging. I see you are new, and I am having a newbie party as we speak. COme join in on the will be sure to make some new friends. That is a really cute vignette...I would distress the top for sure.

  2. I love the crock table idea! I would love to see the finished product after you distress the top. I'm your newest follower. Check me out at


  3. Hey Suz, thanks so much for coming by my blog. I look forward to seeing what else you have on your blog. Following along with you as well :) Take care.

  4. What cool ideas for side tables! I love your take on this.

    LOL on the tipped jar! Do you have any idea how many photoshoots I think I nailed only to find one goofy thing off in the photo? I totally get it. :)


  5. I have one of those and never thought of a table, thank you for that!

  6. Oh I LOVE your crock! I keep looking for one (that doesn't cost me an arm and a leg, hehe!) but I wouldn't have thought to make it an end table! Totally distress the top - that would be AWESOME! I'm so glad my junk struck you! Way to go!


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