Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Painted Star Tutortial

I'm not one to always follow directions..........  just so's you know.  I'm going to tell you how I painted these cute stars (but I'm not telling what they're for - - yet!!)...  Since I know that they are not going to be washed much -- if at all - - I probably didn't follow the proper methods of preparing my fabric.  But that's ok - - remember - - my house is going up for sale as soon as we have it ready.  This project is to help the 'cute-ability' factor..........

First, I traced one of the cast iron stars I picked up this weekend to use as my pattern.

I traced it on cardboard so I could have a sturdy stencil to use.  The edges of the star were not the smoothest, so I used my ruler to make smooth lines.  I want a clean edge to paint.

Next, I measured my 'object' that I am painting to align the stars in a row and get them evenly spaced.

Then I drew a line in the center of each point so I could paint 2 colors.  I chose an espresso brown and a nutmeg brown (just your ordinary run-of-the-mill acrylic craft paint).

I started with the espresso (ok - - so I didn't trace my first star exactly where I wanted it, and had
to move it up about 3/4 of an inch..........  it's a learning thing....)

Then I painted my nutmeg brown.  I had to go in with a small brush and sharpen the point details after I got them painted.  These don't have to be perfect, because where they're going, people won't be able to get right up to them and critique my painting (Thank Goodness!!)....

And here's one of them done.  I'm debating on whether or not I need to outline them in black,
or just leave them as-is.  I'll wait to make that decision when I have all 12 of them painted.

Hmmmm what do you think I'm using these for???   Stay tuned!!

Hugs ~~ Suz


  1. OH WOW you are much more creative then I...I am looking for a stencil LOL! I could not do what you did...you did a fantastic job!!!!!!

  2. WOW!, I agree this looks awesome!, I was reading the post on dropcloth curtains so I had to check this out...you got talent gurl.You are an inspiration too, I think I would like to try this.Thanks for sharing.


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