Sunday, April 29, 2012

Carpet Cleaning - NOT For the Faint of Heart!

If you have a squeemish tummy, please don't read this post.  Graphic pictures!!

Ok - - You've been warned......

We took Lucy to the shed yesterday and apparently she ingested something that didn't quite agree with her.  Mr. Inspiring and I have not figured it out, but.....  she's still not feeling 100% yet.

Last night she threw up in our bedroom 4 times.  Not all at once, mind you, but through out the night.  I don't know about you, but I don't clean those kinds of messes up so well in the middle of the night.  I do what I think is good enough and then go back to sleep with the plan to take care of it in the morning.

Well, (remember you were warned) I have never seen a mess like this come from a human or a feline.  Actually, I've not seen it at all............. EVER.   Dark, almost black ooze.......  weird.......

Here's a picture of the worst spot. 

At this point, we had wiped up all that we could and sprayed carpet cleaner on it and let it soak in.  Then I vacuumed it.

Well, thank God for Pinterest!!  And for Jillee!!!  This is Jillee's blog!  I was very skeptical!!

Ammonia, hot water, a spray bottle, cotton towels and a steam iron.......... Really??

In your spray bottle, mix equal amounts of ammonia and hot water.  Spray your stain.  Cover with the cotton towel, and steam iron it.  Press down and really get the steam in there, but, it does stink......  so try not to breathe in the steam.  Yuck!!

Jillee says you don't need to scrub, but I found that after I sprayed it, before I steamed it, if I worked the solution in with a scrub brush, it did even better!!

Still steaming.........

Getting lighter..........

Just about gone!!!  Actually, at this point I stopped.  It's still damp.  I want to try it again in a day or too, but I wanted to see how it looks dry.

There you have it!!  Thank you, Jillee!! 

Hugs ~~ Suz



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