Thursday, January 22, 2015

Soo 2014 Was A Pretty Busy Year

We had a lot going on last year.  It seems like 2014 just flew by........

The first major milestone was the wedding of our friends' daughter, Sarah.  She and Mike planned an outside wedding, but because of the weather......... it ended up being held indoors, at the reception venue.

It was a beautiful wedding and a really fun day.  That was in June.
In July, we took a 10+ day vacation to Silverton and Taylor Park, Colorado.  We went with about 20 other couples and rode 4-wheelers and side by sides in the mountains.  After we got use to the elevation, we had a great time!  There was still SNOW on the ground!!  Crazy!

After our vacation it was time to  start getting ready for our daughter's wedding.  OMG  My baby girl was getting married!!!  I had to buckle down and get some stuff DONE!!!
I had a huge list of things to do:  (aka MAKE)...  Pew bows, aisle runner, flowergirl dress, and a bunch of decorations for the reception.  (As mother of the bride and having had hired a photographer, I didn't take any pictures that day.  I wish I had......  but....... Hind sight, right?)

Me and my baby girl!!

And during all of this we finished working on our house and put it on the market.  We ended up accepting an offer right after we got back from vacation!!  But.... it was contingent on the sale of their house!!  The tentative closing date was a week before the wedding.  YIKES!!!   They ended up not selling their house quick enough to meet that closing date.  We finally closed on it a couple of weeks after the wedding.  That meant, as soon as we got home from the wedding, we had to start packing boxes like crazy people!!!   And, on top of that, our son also purchased a house and he moved into to it 3 days before the wedding.......   Talk about hectic?!?!?!!
And, then at the end of October, our friends' other daughter, Christina,  got married!!  It was a beautiful fall wedding at a winery!!  The weather was actually rather warm for October, but it was just lovely!!


And that lead us into the holidays and all the fun that entails!!  2014 was a great year!  And I'm really excited for 2015, because we are planning on starting to build our new house in a few months!!
Thanks for visiting!!
Hugs ~~ Suz

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