Thursday, February 2, 2012

Out With the Old!!

I didn't Post this!!  Why not???    Who knows??  I think I'm still suffering from my ADD......  And since we haven't had much of winter weather ...... YET..... I'm pretty sure I've got Spring Fever, too!!!

Anywho.....  We changed out our front door a couple of weeks ago and I love it!!

The original door was a steel door that I did a faux wood grain on 6 years ago or so....  I did a great job, but unfortunately, when we installed the door, we only installed the door and used the old casing and hinges and stuff..... and over the years, the screws stripped out, the door caught on kinds of stuff, you had to lift the door up to close it right..  it was a mess.......

Oh, yeah - - did I mention that because I didn't SEAL it, it faded???  I promise, when I first did it, it looked great. 

So Mr. Inspiring and I purchased a new door to install, and this one INCLUDED the casing.  And I volunteered to do the faux wood grain again...  AND I sealed it!

He just had to learn how to install it.  And discovered that YouTube is a wonderful avenue to learn by, not to just watch stupid videos!!

And now that I've gotten this far in this post, I realize that I don't have a picture of the door actually INSTALLED....    See what I mean??  ADD/Spring Fever - - I'm so sure of it!!! 

Anyway - - the door went in very well.  I used my cricut and cut out house numbers out of vinyl.  My neighbor across the street sent me a text message the next day  "Suz - - I LOVE your new door!!"  I said, "THANK YOU!!  I do, too!!"

Faux wood graining is very easy!!  My biggest tip on it tho:  Make sure you are using the correct stain for your application.  I accidentally got gel stain instead of regular stain, and it worked, but it took FOREVER to set/dry......  Regular stain works much better.    The faux wood tool is really cool!  Your local hardware store/paint store should carry the tool.    You paint the stain on the door, and then run the tool through it, rocking it as you go.  Play with it!  You can achieve very realistic effects! 

Thanks for stopping by!  And I promise I'll try to post more often this month!! 

Oh yeah - - Mr. Inspiring took the old door to the curb for the trash to pick up.  Later that day, when I went to stand out in the yard and admire the new door, I saw the old door laying by the curb, all by itself, looking so lonely............  and I walked out to it, staring at the oval window...... with the pretty leaded glass that catches the light and sparkles like crazy....  and Mr. Inspiring saw me looking at it..... and I guess I must get kind of a glazed over look on my face when my mind starts creating things...............  because he came out with a screwdriver, and without a word............ removed the glass from the door and put it in the garage.....   He's learning!!!!   And I just love him so much!!   I am one lucky girl!!!

Hugs ~~ Suz


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