Saturday, January 21, 2012

Things I'm Working On Today!

Ok -- I sooo meant to be doing better about posting more.....  and I really did  get a good start  - - almost 2 weeks ago....

And then..............

I got sick.

With a NASTY cold

And was in bed ALL weekend last weekend.  And I slept ALL weekend last weekend......  But I'm much better now............  Yay, me!!

Today is a cold, dreary, gray day.  So, I've started boiling my chicken with onions and celery to make some yummy home made chicken n dumplins.....  Oh Yeah!!  It's a perfect day for yummy, comfort food like that!!!

Quilt Status:

I've got my blocks done for my red and white quilt.  I need to square them up and sew 'em together!!

I'm thinking I'm going to really love this one and I'm so glad I'm making it for me!!! 

Recently I bought a Lil Twister so I can make a twisted block quilt.  I decided to use the fabrice I purchase about 4 years ago.  It's fabric from the ovarian cancer collection and I had planned on making a rag quilt with it.  Well, I never did that. 

So I cut 5" squares out of my fat quarters and I need to sew them together so I can twister them!!    And if it all turns out, I will probably donate it to the Relay for Life in April.....

Now I need to figure out how I want to arrange the fabric so I can twister with them!

But before I get to all this.....  I'm hanging out with my little man (grandson) and we're watching Cars!!

I love weekends!!  What are YOU doing this weekend??

Hugs ~~ Suz

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  1. Hi Suz, love love the quilt! But, what really caught my fancy...the chicken and dumplings! lol. So happy you are feeling better...those old colds can really be a downer. Enjoy your movie! Have a delicious weekend! Hugs

  2. Just beautiful and a me quilt is my favorite.


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