Saturday, November 12, 2011

Counting Christmas Candy

I just wanted to post what I've been busy working on lately. 

I've got 3 quilts in the works, and have another one and a blanket in mind.....  It's official - - I just simply lose my mind this time of year.

First up ~~ Counting Christmas Candy

I was inspired by this quilt that Heidi made and is now available over at the Moda Bake Shop!

I am using the Sweetwater Countdown to Christmas fabric.  When I purchased the fabric, I got 2 jellyrolls - my first jellyrolls I ever purchased.  When I saw this pattern, I thought that I could do it....  I love sewing the strips together and then cutting out the shapes and sewing them back together! 

When I first laid it out, I laid the blocks out like she has them and I just wasnt' sure if I liked it.  Then I spun each triangle, and voile!  Counting Christmas Candy!  They remind me of peppermint candies...... Ok - so I don't know why, but they do....... 

I'm also working on a t-shirt quilt for #2. 

There are shirts on here from when he was just a little guy playing t-ball, some football, some soccer, all the way up to his men's baseball league shirt from last year.  Ms. C has a t-shirt quilt that a friend of her's had her grandma make, so I'm making this one just like it - no sashing and hand quilting.  I used Crayola washable markers to make my lines.  Hopefully it will come out!!

Ms. C's quilt has flannel on the back, so I had Mr. Inspiring take me to HL last weekend and got some black flannel for the backing.  Then, when I was hunting around in my craftroom, I opened a box that I hadn't opened for a while and found this:

This fabric has a 'copyright' date of 2000 and that sounds like the year I would have purchased it.  I was going to redo his room in all baseball and Cardinals.  I only made him pillowcases with this fabric.  I had almost enough  to do the back so I just made a strip of the black flannel and ran it down, off-centered.

When I found the fabric, I knew I HAD to use it.  He's always loved the Cards and now that they've won the world series....  well..... I just HAD to!!  The quilting is going rather quickly and I should have it finished up this week.  I think I'm going to use some of the flannel for the binding and call it done!

I've also got my first jellyroll quilt basted and it's ready to quilt.  I think I'll end up machine quilting it - stitch in the ditch.  I've been practicing stippling, but I'm not comfortable with it yet.

That's what I've been doing!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Hugs ~~ Suz

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  1. LOVE! your quilts. I have a love hate relationship with this time of year, but it so much fun!!

  2. I love the Christmas Candy! They remind me of wind turbines! I can't wait to see it all done!
    I have never made a t-shirt quilt before, but now I might have, too! I love the hand quilting.
    Thanks for linking @ This Week!

  3. Hi Suz, the quilts are absolutely adorable. You are so clever. Thanks for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  4. Jen - Thank you for stopping by. After Christmas last year, I promised myself "NO WAITING UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE" to work on Christmas presents.... HA - - who did I think I was kidding??

    Sunni - Hopefully I'll be able to show big progress on Counting Christmas Candy after this weekend!! The t-shirt quilt is more than half way finished! YAY!! I'll post pictures when that's finished, AND WASHED, too!!

    Chris - Thanks for the nice comments! I'll come visit this weekend!!

    Hugs ~~ Suz

  5. Love the quilts! They are a lot of work but I am sure treasured by all that receive them!

    Love the Cardinal fabric! Living here close to St. Louis, it was just an awesome ride to winning the World Series!

  6. Hi, Bonnie - It WAS a wild ride, wasn't it?? Soo exciting!!

    I am finding that I LOVE quilting! My favorite part, which was the part that scared me and kept me from trying (figures, eh?) is Hand Quilting! So relaxing!!

    Come visit again!!

    Hugs ~~ Suz


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