Thursday, October 6, 2011

Zesty Southwest Chicken Salad

First -->  Sooo sorry about the iPhone picture!!  I started taking pictures when I started making this, and realized about halfway through that I stopped taking pictures somewhere along the way.....  Maybe I was really hungry and it was smelling soo yummy......  Maybe I was really spacey last night.......  Maybe it was a little bit of both!!  LOL     (and those first pictures aren't even worth posting...  you all know what salt and pepper look like!!!!  and if not?  then you shouldn't be cooking!!!  LOL!!)

Ms. C and I love  -- I mean we are CRAZY about -- salads........ and we eat them as the main course of our dinner every chance we get.........  out of big mixing bowls!! 

I created this combination last night, and this morning I thought I better get it on the blog so I don't forget what the heck I did!!

ZESTY SOUTHWEST SALAD  (this makes 2 BIG salads)

9 boneless, skinless chicken breast tenders
chili powder
cayenne pepper
ground cumin

Rinse off the chicken meat and sprinkle each of the seasonings to taste.  I cooked them up on my George Foreman grill, but you can do it anyway you like.  Just don't overcook the meat.

When they were done, I cut them up in bite sized pieces.

In each bowl I put:

Spring Mix lettuce mix
slices of red onion
1/2 sliced honeycrisp apple
dried cranberries
real bacon pieces
chopped pecans
feta crumbles
black beans (Bush's, out of the can, drained & rinsed)
snow peas (cut up into bite-sized pieces)
Texas Toast brand chipotle cheddar tortilla strips
cut up chicken

Toss well, top with Hidden Valley Ranch Spicy Ranch (with chiles and select herbs)

WOW!!  {love}  it's my new favorite salad.....  It's definitely one you'd spend at least $10 at the restaurant!!   Smells so yummy!!!  mmmmmmmmmm  

** It's like a little Cinco de Mayo in your mouth!!! **

Dangit - - I want another one!!  Think anyone would say anything if I had one for breakfast??

Hugs ~~ Suz

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  1. Oh, I think my mouth is watering!!! I must try this recipe.


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