Friday, October 14, 2011

Drop Cloth Shower Curtain

I so love drop cloth fabric..........  not when you first open the package, but when you pull it out of the dryer!!  It's all cotton-y and soft and cozy and smells so good!!  And it goes through my sewing machine like a knife through butter!!

I made this shower curtain for a couple of reasons........ #1 I couldn't find one in a store or online that I liked or for a reasonable price (It's just a SHOWER curtain - for goodness sake!!)   #2  I wanted something in my bathroom that no one else would have.  #3  I love the color of the cloth!   (I KNOW - - I'm a goober!!)

I used drop cloth material that I had left over from a couple of other projects.  And because of that, I had to 'piece' it together. 

I didn't take 'tutorial' pictures....  so here she is.......

It' nothing super-duper fancy, but I love it.  I've got a clear liner behind it.  And in the second picture you can almost get a glimpse and see that I still have my blue bathtub.  (I only painted the outside part of the tub and shower because I just wasn't sure how the spray paint would hold up IN the shower and tub with getting wet everyday and getting cleaned!!   - - I promise - pictures of the whole bathroom very soon!!

I love all the different shades of brown in the fabric I used for the trim.  I forget where I got this fabric or who made it (if you know, please tell me!!). 

I love how versitile drop cloth fabric is.  And how soft it is after you wash and dry it!!

Thanks for checking it out!!  I'm planning on finishing the window treatment this weekend and getting it hung up!!  (I HATE plastic mini blinds - - so come back and check out what I'm going to put on the window instead!!)

Have a great Friday!!

Hugs ~~ Suz

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  1. It turned out just wonderfully! I also love drop cloth fabric. I've made a bedspread from one as well as other projects. I has a primitive feel about it that I love. Good job!!!!

  2. This is what I used to cover the big window in my sewing room. When I drop it down I use it as my fabric wall too. It was very smelly and rough before washing but I love it now.

  3. Hi Suz! I haven't stopped by in a while to see my fellow Missouri blogger! I haven't been able to blog much this year but trying to get back to it now.

    Love, love this shower curtain and the detail trim. Really dresses it up. I am always amazed at how great those drop cloths work for the price!

    I will stop by more often now! Since I broke my foot, I have a little more down time!


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