Tuesday, June 28, 2011

And The Award Goes To

Hey, Ya'll!!  I hope you had a great weekend!  Miss C, Mr. Inspiring, Lucy and I went AWAY for the weekend!!  We went camping at Cloud 9 for the weekend and it was HEAVEN!!  We ate well (seems we ALWAYS do when we go camping - - the food always tastes better there!!), rode 4-wheelers for a few hours, laid around by the pool, drank wine, played cards, ate s'mores, sat by the fire, rode 4-wheelers in the dark, and did I mention that we ate well??  It was a very relaxing weekend!!!
When I got back, my internet wasn't working!!!  I spent an hour and a half on the phone with AT&T yesterday morning.  Seems when we decided to disconnect our home phone (who uses those things anymore, anyway??) we had to re-register our modem with the 'special' number they assigned for our internet connection.  Well, we didn't do that.......  So we HAD to do that to get back online.   THREE WHOLE DAYS WITHOUT MY BLOG-FRIENDS!!!  Kinda nice (to get away) - kinda not-so......
When I got back online, look what I found!!!  J and M's Eye Candy sent me an award!!  You can visit their blog here:  http://www.jandmseyecandy.blogspot.com/


Thanks, Kristine & Britney!!!  (Love your blog, Gurlz!!   And your 7 secrets!! {**wink**wink**}
So, to follow the RULZ of the award, I'm to tell ya'll 7 things about me that not just anyone knows.....
#1 -  I'm the youngest of 4 kids.  I am 17 years younger than my sister, Bec.  I'm 15 years younger than my brother, Dave (who passed 2/2/04 - 'member?  Cancer SUCKS!!).  I'm 14 years younger than my brother, Gary.  Basically - I was raised like I was an only child.  Did I complain?  Only when I was bored!!!
#2 - My Daddy had a crazy nickname for me.  It was Princess Painintheas........  Well, right before I 'graduated' from 8th grade at St. Peters (Catholic grade school) we had to tell a few things about ourselves for the final issue of the school paper.  One of the questions was:  Nickname?   Well..... I put down what my Daddy called me.  But - - I had an extra "S" at the end........   WHEW - - Mrs. Bordewick was so NOT happy!!  She didn't see it until ALL the papers were printed (think mimeograph machine - - NOT copied)  They had to take a black marker and go through my nickname on all the papers for the whole school - probably close to 500 papers!!  (It was the largest parish in the town I grew up in!)  My Daddy thought that was the greatest thing EVER!!!   I was sooo happy to get out of there!!!
#3 - Mr. Inspiring is the best thing that EVER happened to me (outside of motherhood).  I am the luckiest girl in the world!!  He totally 'gets' me.  He makes me feel like the Princess my Daddy always said I was.  And yes, I can still claim the WHOLE title at times!!
#4 - I'll be 45 this year, and I have a full head of GRAY hair (that I keep well-colored with BLONDE).  You might think that isn't all that unusual for my age, until you hear that I've been coloring my hair to hide the gray since I was 23.......   Premature gray is dominant in my family - from my mom's side.  She turned 37 the month after I was born.  She colored her hair while she was pregnant with me because how would that look?  Pregnant and completely gray??
#5 - I believe that God has a plan for us all.  And while you may not know how His plan is working in your life right now, if you look back on your life, you can see it.   Everything happens for a reason and all past experiences lead you to right here, reading my little blog, for instance!! I believe that He led me to Mr. Inspiring - we were meant to be.  There are just too many close calls from years ago that we could have met back then.  But God had a plan, and the timing had to be right.  And here we are.  Thank you, Lord!!
#6 - I HATE WORMS.  Always have - always will!!  My Daddy used to say that when I walked to the bus stop, I walked twice as many steps than I needed to because I'd walk from one side of the street to the other just to walk around the worms.  When it was the really rainy season, I'd be late getting ready for school on purpose so he'd have to take me to school so I wouldn't have to walk around the worms.  When I'd go fishing as a little kid at the neighborhood pond, I'd take my fishing pole to the neighbor, he or his wife would put a worm on my hook and I'd fish.  When I needed a new worm, I'd go back to them and get one.  If I got a fish, they'd take it off my hook and put it on my stringer for me.  But - - when I got home, I'd clean the fish!!  I know - - makes no sense.....   First husband and I once rented a house that was built on a spring.  The basement was ALWAYS wet..... and ALWAYS had worms crawling around.......  eewwww   I would go down there (NEVER BAREFOOT - ALWAYS WITH SHOES - AND I MEAN ALWAYS) and pour bleach on them....  They didn't like that.....  ugh..........  I get the heebie jeebies just thinking about that....YUCK!!
#7 - I like raw oysters.   Seriously.  Especially when they're available AND my niece, Katie is around.  I love to gross her out by eating them.  And she gets really grossed out..........    Too funny!!
Have a great day!!! 
Hugs ~~ Suz

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