Thursday, May 5, 2011

Meet The Furballs!

Debbie over at Debbie Doos has a cute little put named Lucy.  Lucy has decided to have a party, so I thought I'd let my furballs join, too!!

First, please meet Pooey........  Mr. Inspiring adopted her from a friend.  Seems Ms. Pooey didn't much care for the little kids at her first house that pulled her tail and ears.  She is about 13 years old, and still acts like a kitten most of the time.  She's crazy and has a huge personality!

Her favorite job is the clean sheet inspector.  Whenever you change the sheets on a bed, she has to jump up on the naked bed and wait for the clean sheets to come down on her.  Then she goes crazy!!  She runs around and checks the corners and makes sure the sheets are nice and tight.  It's so funny to watch!!

Next up is Bubby.  The Bubs.   Bub-a-tude....  We've got lots of nicknames for him.  He is a quiet cat - - mostly his meows are silent.  His purr is super loud, though.  My youngest son found him by the neighbors truck right before Christmas in 2007.  That was the year my daddy died, so I figured this was my Christmas present from him.  Bubby was soo cold and so hungry.  And so tiny. 

He just showed up and we won't let him leave.  He sleeps under the covers with me every night.  When I'm blogging, he lays down on my arms.  He loves to torment Pooey.  He is the mellow-est, most easy-going, laid back kind of guy!  He loves open windows and watching birds and playing with my pony tail bands.  Actually - he's addicted to my pony tail bands.  He can't NOT stay away from them.  One time, he even tried to get the whole bunch out of my drawer.  And once he gets one in his mouth, he WON'T let go.  And he runs to go hide them.  Cuz he can never have too many.

And last, but not least, meet our Lucy!  My oldest son got her for free from someone that had been breeding labs, but was tired of it, I guess.  Lucy was an outside dog till our ice storm early this year.  She has adapted quite well to being an inside dog and tries her hardest to keep the cats in line.  She ADORES Mr. Inspiring, and he's just now getting over his issues with dog slobber and drool.  Too funny!!

Lucy is a Chocolate Lab and she'll be 3 at the end of this month.  She's a sweetie and she loves sleeping on our couches...........  or our bed, when we're not home.  She thinks she's sly. 

She got spayed this week (5/16/11) and man o man.....  she was still a little groggy when she got home.  When we eat supper, she usually sits on the floor, between me and Mr. Inspiring and watches us....  well, Monday night she just couldn't stay awake, and kept falling asleep while sitting in her spot...........

Now, she's licking the daylights out of her stitches.........  So the vet told us to put stick deoderant on her belly.  well......... that's not stopping her.........  her breath just doesn't have odor.......... and probably won't for 12 hours.......  and apparently deoderant does stop wetness cuz........  she drinking water like crazy!! 

She loves camping, especially when it's close to water. 

And she thinks the grandbaby is delicious............  She licks and kisses him all the time!!

Those are our babies!! 

I'm linking up to Debbie Doos!! (and Funky Junk, too!!)

Hugs ~~ Suz

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