Saturday, May 14, 2011

Family Recipe Book

I ran across these pictures of a project I did about a year and a half ago for my ex-sil. At that time, my daughter had moved in with her and her husband and I wanted to thank her for helping out.  When I was married to her brother, I had acquired a few recipes from some of their relatives.  But I wasn't sure if she had ever gotten them all.  So I made this recipe book for her.

I had gotten a themed pack of paper from Wal-Mart and used it for this project.  At first, I wasn't too crazy about the color combo, but, given the choices our small Wal-Mart offered, this was the best one.  After I finished the project, I really liked the colors and how it turned out. 

I made two of these at the same time because whenever I make something for someone and I end up liking it, I have a hard time giving it.  And I always think that I can make one for me, and never usually do. 

The front and back covers are made out of that really heavy press-board cardboard stuff you can get at Hobby Lobby.  I got it when I first got my cricut and it doesn't cut at all in it.  It does work well in my papercutter, so I use it for straight-edged projects.

I glued the paper to each side of the covers.  Decorated the front cover and distressed the edges.  I used manilla folders as my 'card stock' for the dividers.  Using my cricut and design studio, I made the dividing pages, decorated and distressed them, too.  I used the cartridge "From My Kitchen" for the labels.

For the pages for the recipes, I just used my paper cutter on the manilla folders, and cut them to the same size.  I decorated them up, printed the recipes out from my computer, and glued them on.  And Distressed all the edges......  Mr. Inspiring thought I was crazy when I was doing it, but really liked it when I was finished!!!

I punched holes on the side of each page and slipped a couple of binder rings through.  I tied a bit of ribbon onto the rings. 

And WAA LAAAA - called it done!!

Now, I need to collect recipes from Mr. Inspiring's family and make a few of them, too!!

Thanks for looking!!  Hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane!!  ha!

Hugs ~~ Suz

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  1. I love this! I see that you used your Cricut! I started one of these about a year ago, I even mailed out the recipe cards to my friends and family and got them all back. I was thinking preserving thier handwriting is important to me too. Anyway this is something that has never got finished and barely got started! I am glad you posted this and reminded to me to get on the ball!

    I love the colors you used on this! very nice and cute!

  2. thanks for stopping by my blog too! ha! I never knew you could soak them in beer~ that definately wouldnt be a waste of time!!! beer soaked beans, I gotta try it! thanks again! have a good day!


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