Friday, August 30, 2013

When One Door Closes

Hi, it's me, Suz!  This is my second post in a week!!  What can I say?  I missed you!!!

This is a project that I've been wanting to post, but I never have had my bedroom all finished with all the cute accessories like I see a lot of y'all doing.  After 2 years, I figure my room probably isn't going to get accessorized any time soon, so I'll just show you what I did!

I made a headboard out of a door I picked up on Craigslist.  The guy bought the door unfinished and just hung it like that.  When I got it from him, it was basically a new door, just dirty!  It even still had the plastic on the windows.

I wanted the headboard to look old and worn.  I thought about what colors had been popular during the past 20 or so years.  I decided to paint a coat of hunter green all over it, and then a coat of navy blue.  Then I took some dark brown paint and some turquoise paint and painted random spots on the door with those colors.  After all that was good and dry, I painted a couple of coats of a nice, creamy off-white.

When all that was dry, I became a distructive little crafter!  I jabbed it with a screwdriver, and scratched it all up with a brush.  I even carved our wedding date and our names into it.  Then I sanded a lot of the edges.  It's pretty cool because you can see the paint layers as if it really were an old door!!

I mixed up a very thin concoction of water and dark brown paint and wiped the whole door down.  The wood was very fresh looking where I was trying to make it old, and this helped age the wood and create the look I wanted.  After all that was dry, I put 3 coats of polyurethane on it.  Mr. Inspiring added a crystal looking old door knob.  That was what it needed and I love how it turned out.  Mr. Inspiring loves that I made it special for us.

What do y'all think?

If you have any questions on anything I did with this, just let me know!!

Hugs ~~ Suz

I'm joining these fun parties!!

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